Find a Balance with Geometrics


Experimenting with Geometrics

Geometrics in interior design never goes unnoticed and is perfect for many different styles. They may inspire a unique twist to any interior scheme whether for curtains, blinds or that statement piece of furniture.

Explore the variety of geometric patterns that Home Fabrics has to offer, which includes collections from Fabrics Library Express, Home Fabrics Signature and FibreGuard.

Thin and Delicate Geometric Shapes

We don't need striking shapes for a design to stand out. In fact, thin and delicate geometric shapes can be just as functional and beautiful as stronger and sharper ones.

Landform, the modern collection from Fabric Library Express features up-to-date geometrics supported with the most wonderful offering of textured plains. Each quality has chunky tactile appeal which makes for an outstanding option for both residential and contract upholstery.

Sophisticated Designs

Incorporating geometric patterns into designs can be done used in all sorts of ways. Amalfi from Fabric Library Express offers two sophisticated elegant designs, Positano and Ravello in a cotton and polyester blend giving a beautiful tactile drape to these designs. The colours are inspired by the abundant flower displays found amongst the beautiful gardens of the Amalfi coast in Italy.

Contemporary and Classic Fusion

Museo from Home Fabrics Signature is a treat for the senses with a fusion of contemporary and classic designs. This richly diverse collection will give your interiors a distinctive high-end look with versatile and elegant decorative weaves.

Intricate Patterns

The elegance of line and form is the framework for this collection from FibreGuard Emoji. Contemporary decorative weaves in six intricate patterns with eye-catching geometrics, herringbones and zigzag patterns, giving a sophisticated international appeal.

From geometrics to plains, Home Fabrics wants to bring inspiration and create genuine value for everybody with a passion for fabrics.

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Taza by Osborne & Little

Memphis by Margot Selby for Osborne & Little

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The Memphis, Metropolis and Taza Collections from Osborne & Little