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Simplicity is the ultimate luxury, and this is abundantly apparent in this new collection of wide width organza inspired sheers called Airstream.

Three delicate qualities constructed from super fine polyester yarns, offering subtle textures and gentle ambience, across 32 beautiful colours.

Design Breeze is a matt sheen organza, while Designs Zephyr and Downwind bring to mind super fine cotton, but with an easy care nature that belie the ethereal look of the collection.

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Simplicity is the ultimate luxury




Grandland is the latest offering of wide width curtaining solutions from Fabric Library Wide.

Nine inspiring large scale jacquard’s and six gorgeous textures, centred on an earthy neutral palette.

From the simple linear nature of Teton and Cascades and the organic chevron of Badlands, through to the softer appeal of a classic damask with design Sequoia, there is something for every taste and style.

A standout in this collection is Rainer, a whimsical digital print on a gauzy cotton look sheer. Designs Everglades, Yellowstone and Yosemite are simpler constructions for less audacious applications. The cope of colour is deliberately restrained and will appeal to those looking for a timeless yet up to date curtain solution.

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Up-to-Date, yet Timeless



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