A Wallpaper Made of Wood: Arte Timber


Exclusivity in Absolute Pureness

Wood: an authentic, sophisticated and sustainable material. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and pure nature. With visible grains and traces of knots. The wallcovering in the Timber collection is made exclusively of Paulownia wood that has been processed with care and craftsmanship. Inlaid geometric patterns produce surprising optical effects. A natural product that derives its exclusivity from its pureness.

The perfection of nature

Paulownia wood is peeled very carefully into thin strips and then applied to a non-woven backing in small pieces, just like one large mosaic. First running with the grain, and then against it. The result is amazing.

This also means that this collection is 100% handmade.

Unique and Handmade

Grain is a collage of perfect squares. Combining wood fragments from different parts of the same tree – the roots, the trunk, and the branches – provides a lovely combination of grains and recognisable knots. No two are the same, as they form a random pattern in the inlay.

Formation consists of hexagonal surfaces filled like a mosaic with various fragments from the same tree, contrasting colours and varying shapes - whether inlaid in a line or at a right angle to one another. The result is a playful and rhythmic whole with depth from the one perspective and volume from the other.

Harmony and Contrast

Elements is a combination of flat surfaces and raised bars in a contrasting colour. Inlay at its finest, like skyscrapers silhouetted against the sky. The sense of depth in this pattern is tremendous.

Lastly, Trapeze consists of rectangles made from two different parts of the same tree, inlaid on metal foil. The foil emphasises the pattern and provides a sophisticated finish. Soft and subdued colours on the one hand and more intense shades on the other, but without compromising on the distinctively natural look & feel of the wood.

Sustainable and Healthy

The Timber collection is – literally – cut from the loveliest wood and due to this, it has several extra assets. For example, wood is a lightweight, breathing, natural product with insulating and sound absorbing properties.It has a positive influence on its surroundings because the structure and texture of wood stabilises the level of humidity.

The wood of this special tree is soft and easy to work, after which, due to contact with the air, it becomes especially hard and durable. It’s the perfect material for making exclusive wallcoverings.

Natural products are the loveliest materials with which to surround yourself. Leather, marble, wool, cotton… All have unique and unparalleled characteristics, but above all, they are beautiful.
— Arte wallcoverings

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