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The 3 Main Challenges when Designing For a Corporate Environment


Most people don’t realise that there is a massive difference between a normal residential fabric and a proper durable fabric suited for high traffic areas like office spaces - that’s why FibreGuard is so popular, because it doesn’t have a look of a corporate fabric.

When we talk office design and corporate spaces we are generally challenged by 3 main things:

1. Specifications


3. Pattern.

The following products lend themselves perfectly to the contract environment and over the years they have proven to be extremely successful in these types of applications:






Offices take very high traffic and need something that is durable, stain-free and able to withstand the general coming and going of office life. The brand that is synonymous with this type of application has to be FibreGuard.

Peak and Braveheart are ideal options because along with their incredible 100 000 Martindale rub count and stain-free technology, the colour selections are perfect for tailoring the office scheme to the corporate identity.


Under Fabric Library Express, comes two collections that are very successful in the sphere based on budget:

Tonga is an interesting flat-weave. It is backed and also great for bigger pieces of furniture. This collection is very cost effective while still coming in with all the basic contract specifications. 

Figi is a diagonal weave available in a variety of colours. Also proven to be hugely successful in this industry. When the budget is very tight, this is a great book to look at.


Another major challenge is how to introduce a pattern without it over-whelming the scheme. An interesting and effective way has to be by means of wallpaper.

Bjorn by AS Creation is exceptionally cost-effective and works very well as a solution to the pattern dilemma. Especially when the application is en masse.

A great way of introducing pattern is by choosing the pattern cleverly. Using small, interesting geometrics, creating just enough dynamic without causing too much distraction.

A popular range under the FibreGuard banner is Emoji. With overscaled tribal designs, mottled patterns and interesting geometrics make these fabrics easy to incorporate while maintaining a balanced scheme.



Welcome to patterns with AS Creation

A dominant trend in the corporate interior is to bring the home and residential feel into an office environment. The trend is about flexibility with the aim to get people away from their desk. By adding different collaborate zones, it allows people to feel comfortable enough that they don’t have to be at their desk in order to work.
— Linda Trim, Giant Leap Superor interiors

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Introduce pattern with Emoji from FibreGuard