Popular Restaurant Design Trends


Restaurant Interior Design Trends of 2019


From emerging restaurant design concepts like upholstered, textured walls, to use of brighter color and natural materials, explore some of the most popular restaurant interior design trends of 2019.

Multi-functional, Compact Furniture

The furniture design world is trending towards multi-functional, compact furniture in answer to the ever-dwindling space designers have to work with. Restaurant designers are translating the definite shift towards multi-functional, compact furniture into their own domain by exploring more into non-traditional restaurant seating.

Eco-friendly: the Motto of 2019 Interior Design Trends

‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ – the mantra is having an overarching effect on restaurant design in 2019. This is not only in the use of recyclable materials (as we’ve seen in years past), but in the manufacturing of those materials themselves in the first place. We’re seeing a lot of warm woods of late, such as bamboo, and their soft chocolate to rose colors are appearing on anything from wall coverings to floors to surfaces.

As a reaction to an overdose of minimalism and cold industrial-style design, maximalism in home décor is rearing its head once again. This trend is popping up in restaurant design as well, but through the use of multiple textures and layers of upholstery fabric as well.

The Urban Jungle of Décor is still Growing

You may have noticed that greenery is in every nook and cranny lately: not only in the ubiquitous potted plants but in decorative accessories and plant motifs that are springing up everywhere from wallpaper to tablecloths.

Some people might argue that this is less of a design trend and more of a lifestyle change. Colour palettes are bright and saturated with natural daylight, evoking the feeling of the great outdoors in a world that increasingly seems to be lived in cities. We’ve seen every permutation of this trend, from tropical twists to a more down-to-earth approach.

Designing for High-Traffic Spaces

Designing for small spaces with high traffic demands can be tricky. So how is the design world rising to the challenge? By looking to the walls! Bold patterned wallpaper has been making a statement, adding instant color and impact to a space with minimal effort and cost.

Hello Natural Textures

White walls, brushed steel and industrial furniture design are so last year. This outdated décor trend has been overthrown (at last) by a return to a more natural, earthy take on interiors. A mix of colour combinations abounds for 2019, along with a love of bright colors and textures.

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