September's Collections: FR-One Optimum

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Optimum from FR-One

Optimum features 10 beautiful multi-purpose, upholstery, curtains & drapery and sheer collections. This collection has been designed to spark creativity and deliver beautiful results. The inherent fire retardant properties of FR-One ensures durability, safety, and permanency combine to create fabric that is hard-wearing, fully washable, and conform to worldwide safety standards.

The most favourable situation or level for growth, reproduction, or success.
— Optimum , Noun


Obis - Inspired by contemporary tailoring and suiting.


Osiris - A double act of deluxe velvets, suitable for both drapery and upholstery.


Oolong - is a tranquil duo of sheers with a natural look and touch.


Ouzo - A tactile multi-purpose texture available in a range of strong and sophisticated on-trend colours.


oBLIX - Optimun’s compendium range of drapery jacquards offers damasks, geometrics, and textures.