The Home Fabrics Trend Talk with Sofaworx


Home Fabrics Trend Talks at SofaWorx


Home Fabrics Trend Talks with Hendrik Dreyer and Garth Wastie at Sofaworks

The month of August saw trend talks in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, presented by Home Fabrics and hosted by Sofaworx.

From demonstrations of the magical stain-free technology of FibeGuard fabrics to the enchanting display of some of the most beautiful and most recent import collections, the trend talks ended with the announcement of the lucky winner of the prized FibreGuard sofa

The sofa is perhaps the most important piece of furniture in one’s home. Not only will members of your family use it daily but it is also the first and most intimate connection that guests will make when visiting a home. It is a statement of personal style. A well-chosen sofa can be the center piece of your living room. The sofa is a vital part of the spiritual DNA of one’s home since it epitomizes the comforts of home and heart - Sofaworx.




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