Decorative Trends and Influences 2019/2020



Thoughts become action, action becomes change. Never before has the earth been so close to its tipping point. The time of thinking about positive change has past. The time for action is here. The responsibility no longer lies with government. The responsibility lies with each and every one of us... from design to construction, consumption to creation. What will your contribution be?

How will this trend spur you to action?


Falling into vulnerability is a wonderful thing, and something the new generation has learnt to do better than their predecessors. We have learnt that big boys do cry and so do powerful women. We bleed, we ache, we hurt, we laugh, we cry, we embrace and most importantly, we accept. Be black, be white, be Asian - be a Panda, they’re all three! We are living, coping, loving authentic beings.And we are kind.

Let’s all be a part of the tenderness revolution.


Reuse, Recycle, Recreate. How is our technology today forcing us to think about ways to change consumption to creation - to turn waste into energy? Thermal conversions (heat & pressure forces) are converting trash to power. Gas emissions from landfills are also being siphoned off and used. The banning of single use plastic is forcing us to think about new ways to package and transport. We are continuously challenging ourselves in the pursuit of a better, cleaner, safer world.

What role are you playing?


The birth place of man has inspired the world. Its open plains, diverse cultures, rich mineral resources, vast biodiversity and its humility is cause for pause. The world is looking to Africa as a new source of inspiration and way to do things. As one famous African put it, “There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela.

How do you celebrate culture?


To go forward, sometimes you need to go back. How would we ever learn if it weren’t for the lessons of the past. Our continued growth and development has often been dependant on the mistakes we have made before. There is a certain nostalgia to it, something we embrace with forgiveness because we learnt an invaluable lesson. We have seen many trends due to past/present, the scars of 2008 are still there for many, and the move from minimalism (recession) to maximalism (luxury/comfort) is one such trend.

Learn from the past.


Escapism. Dream it, believe it, become it. Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR). Go anywhere, everywhere. Not this life, that life. Life is but a dream sweetheart. It’s a cruel, crazy, yet beautiful world, often without an escape button. But wait, I can “step off”. I can go somewhere new, get away in an instant. The world of AR is but a headset away.

Dream it.