Velvets, Add a Touch of Magic

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the saddle collection

Available in 40 colours, perfect for curtains ad upholstery.

Enjoy Both Luxury and Durability

Velvet in interior decorating has quickly become one of the hottest interior design trends of 2019. Recognized as a trans-seasonal fabric choice, the public is beginning to accept it as a versatile option - suitable to almost any scheme, or season!

In the past, the use of velvet in the home was seen as a luxury that many families could not enjoy due to the fragile nature of the fabric, but thanks to technological development - velvet sofa’s can now be enjoyed by anyone, small children and family pets included! All you need to do is ask for FibreGuard when upholstering or purchasing your velvet sofa.

The specifications of FibreGuard provide the ultimate solution to durable upholstery with stain-free technology. The dream of a durable, stain-resistant velvet couch has now become a reality.


Make the most of the velvet trend with the Saddle collection from FibreGuard