Performance Fabrics


Designing for Specific Environments

Home Fabrics has the ultimate solution when designing for any interior. With the FR-One, FibreGuard and UV Pro ranges, selecting the right fabrics to meet the needs of any environment has never been easier. In this feature, we dive into designing for specific purposes using performance fabrics.

UV Pro performs in the outdoor sphere with a 5-year warranty, FibreGuard which performs in the indoor sphere in terms of stain-free technology and FR-One which performs in the fire-rating sphere.


Match the Trend

Uv Pro

UV-Pro has no real competitors in the South African market in terms of specifications. It has a 5-year warranty against mold, mildew and fading - the three major things that affect outdoor fabrics. It is 100% solution-dyed acrylic which means that the colour is all the way through - part and parcel of the construction of the fabric.

Inside Out is a lithology of all the best designs that work perfectly for outdoor applications. It comes with comprehensive geometric designs as well as a myriad of plains to compliment. All Out is a one-stop shop in terms of outdoor shades with 140 colours with the 5-year warranty and solution-dyed acrylic.


FibreGuard comes with stain-free technology as its primary specification. Kronos is a great collection of flat weaves that is backed. Nolita comes in beautiful sorbets and it is dual purpose which means it is soft enough to drape and hardy enough to upholster with.


FR-One is the holy grail in terms of fire-retardant specifications and Lazarus is a fantastic collection to look out for.

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