Circus, the New Collection by Zimmer & Rohde


CIRCUS by Zimmer & Rohde

The collection is a homage to the circus and how it masterfully combines spectacle and virtuosity. In addition to its colorful and pompous appearance, it stands for outstanding skilfulness.



The paintings of expressionist Alexej von Jawlensky served as the inspiration for this extravagant digital print. In the style of the artist's paintings that were inspired by Japanese woodcuts, the different colour patches of the decorative fabric come together to form a collage design. The organic face shapes are embellished by geometrical, overlapping forms and handdrawn contours. Its unusual design and vibrant interplay of colours make Faces the most extroverted item of this collection.

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The decorative fabric Harlequin’s design harks back to this character's quaint chequered costume. This jester's original garb consisted primarily of blue, red and yellow patches, reinterpreted and placed in a new, refined context. Soft satin strips frame its geometrical coloured shapes, which build fine gradations in the corresponding colour families, and offer a pleasing contrast to its stringent geometrical patterns

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The voluminous decorative fabric Circus conveys craftsmanship and materiality. The alternating sequence of different warp yarns gives this textile its particular charm. Each colour has a unique warp sequence. A variety of yarns and threads were carefully selected to create a fascinating mix, which, combined with a contrasting colour, has the appearance of a handcrafted, vertical stitch pattern. Its special finishing, which ensures that both the warp and weft yarns lie loosely on the fabric without losing their stability, is what gives Circus its volume.

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