Fabric Library Wide


Understanding Wide-Width Curtaining

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Like its name, Fabric Library offers a wide selection of furnishing fabrics at affordable prices. Fabric Library has a division of double width fabrics which are perfect for both sheer as well as solid drapery - Fabric Library Wide.

Wide-width fabrics are ideal for sheer drapery because the wide width allows for the material to hang horizontally without any vertical seams. The result is a continuous curtain, uninterrupted by joins.

The benefits of working with wide fabrics are not restricted to sheer curtains only. Less seams also benefit machinists as curtains can be made in a fraction of the time or effort.

Fabric library is your key to affordable and quality fabrics. Global sourcing knowledge and expertise have enabled Fabric Library to offer you quality fabrics from across the world. Learn more about the diversity that Fabric Library has to offer.

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