5 Reasons to Choose Sheers this Season


Why Choose Sheers?

Sheers are regularly overlooked as a window treatment but it is clear that design trends have been missing out on the various reasons why they should be considered this season. Along with their versatility, the designs available in sheer curtaining have become not only plentiful but also modern. Because they can be made from several different kinds of fabric, you can achieve very different looks with sheer curtains.

  1. Open Views

    Swapping heavy drapery out for modern sheers will instantly uplift the style of the room, opening up your window dressing for an uninterrupted outside view.

  2. Bright Natural Light

    Now that the seasons have changed, consider making the most of daylight by allow the bright, outdoorsy feel into your home. They will make a space feel bigger and brighter!

  3. Privacy

    Light can now enter rooms without the threat of uninviting eyes. With sheers you can enjoy sunshine along with privacy.

  4. Versatility

    Sheers can be doubled up, layered with heavier drapes or even used bare as a room divider.. They offer the opportunity to be creative when it comes to curtaining solutions.

  5. Affordability

    Home Fabrics has been listening to the needs of the market and recently launched Sheer Library, an affordable range of sheers compiled of the most popular designs available.

Explore Sheer Library Here.

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