New From FibreGuard



Featuring two heavy duty upholstery qualities, that have an incredible soft handle that belie their hard wearing nature, all infused with the stain free technology that has made FibreGuard a house hold name.

Determination is an indulgent, short piled velvet that lends this quality to another sensory dimension, as it catches the light and radiates timeless glamour. Reminiscent of Chinois Velvet, this quality will appeal to even the most discerning client, while 100 000 Martindale rub counts guarantees peace of mind.

A venerable chenille quality is found in Cocktail, with an organic distressed feel, yet achieving a Martindale rub count of 45 000, this fabric would be the ideal choice for clients looking for a furnishing fabric that imbues sophistication .

The colour palette is diverse and accented by time tested neutrals, offering 65 colours to pick from, there is bound to be many favourites. Look out for Passion a deliciously deep magenta, Emerald a moody jewel tone, and a bold orange in Sienna as well as an inky blue called Cadet, to mention just a few.



An intensive library exploring the enduring nature of fine textures, new from FibreGuard, we are pleased to present Intense, featuring two new qualities namely Trezor and Intense.

Bringing to mind an updated and modern take on Chambray, design Trezor is a super fine chenille quality featuring contrasting slubby warp and weft yarn, which further enhance the surface interest of this hard working fabric, which achieves 35 000 Martindale rubs.

Design Intense is an eloquent texture with a subtle glint to the surface which most will find quite inviting, especially on couches that require an alluring upholstery. Achieving a rub count of 40000 rubs this will be an ideal choice for demanding applications whether at home or the office.

Available in a wide range of 66 colours, curated to meet the demands of the market, there is a fantastic mix of current fashion shades and fail safe neutrals.



Suede from FibreGuard is the ideal hard working upholstery for those looking for an uncomplicated upholstery that will still look good, even after the children and pets have had their fun on the couch.

Woven from super soft micro fibre, Suede has an incredible plush handle, yet is exceedingly easy care thanks to it's FibreGuard stain free technology and with a rub count of 40 000 as well as washable at 30 degrees, what more could you ask for from an upholstery fabric.

Of special importance is that FibreGuard is recyclable and Okeo-Tex 100 certified, ensuring eco friendly and sustainability peace of mind.

The colour palette is practical, offering a balanced selection of pragmatic neutrals such as Fresco, Bone and Dove along side a motley blend of brighter tones of Honey, Leaf and Spa to name a few of 45 colours available.