Designing on a Budget


Cutting cost: getting the most out of your material


When an artist paints, they don’t necessarily have to use the most expensive paint - nor the most expensive canvas, they might choose to use products that they can relate to and that are easy to use.

The same goes for painting your own interior design picture, it doesn't have to be all about using the most expensive fabric or niche product but more about finding the best product at the right price that works for you.


Learn How to Design on a Budget with HF Trends


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The Sphinx Collection

Available in 20 chalky shades with a subtle stonewash look, the 100% polyester yarns make Sphinx a robust collection for a variety of applications, from contract upholstery to soft billowy drapes.

A Solid Foundation

Having a solid foundation means longevity in your scheme and if you choose wisely, you can easily change up the look.The Sphinx Collection from Fabric Library Express offers very useful colour palettes, coming in beautiful neutral shades with some pops of colour in between.

Monterey would be an ideal dual-purpose option because it works for both drapery and upholstery, Monterey Smoke is probably one of the most popular colours to coordinate with. Switching over to FibreGuard fabrics is always an option. The small difference in cost affords you stain-free technology which means that there is less stress as well as a reliable and solid foundation.

Click here to learn more about FibreGuard’s stain free technology

Selecting a Feature Fabric

Be creative and be confident when selecting a feature fabric because it is very important when putting together a beautiful scheme.

Sukhna from Designers Guild, for example, is a beautiful cut velvet drawing inspiration from India. With a pixelated hexagonal design on a metallic ground for drama works phenomenally well in a budget scheme.

Fabric Library Express fits the profile perfectly when you want to achieve an amazing look on a tight budget but without compromising on quality. The diverse selection of fabrics, both plains and designs, available from Fabric Library Express make for the ideal fabric selection when it comes to volume and variety. 

Follow this link to explore the products available from Home Fabrics.


Sphinx and Monterey from Fabric Library Express