Go Wild with Animal Prints


Going wild with animal prints


Ever since the dawn of man, the use of animal prints has been an iconic part of our lives. From the time of the hunter-gatherer right up to today’s modern era, it is clear that this is more than a trend and these patterns are not going anywhere.


The fashion of animal prints has evolved to suit the trends of each era. In the past it was more celebrated than not to show off stylish displays of real animal hide, taking pride in its exoticism and rarity.

In the 21’st century we are seeing a greater adoration and respect for wildlife. The rise of faux fur alternatives as well as textile imitations of popular cheetah, zebra, and leopard prints have made animal prints widely accessible.

Moodboard Inspiration

Camouflage by Carlucci is a striking collection of animal prints, including Giraffe and Zebra. Discover Artefact and Jungle Fever from Home Fabrics. Rounded off beautifully by Keshi Velvets from Osborne & Little, the options available can bring out the wild side in any design scheme.

In spirit of faux fur and textile imitations, explore the options available from Home Fabrics.