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DJ Zinhle has chosen Home Fabrics as a Partner for her New Furniture Line


With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Zinhle Jiyane has become a household name in the South African music scene and has since received nominations for various award ceremonies such as Metro FM Awards and South African Music Awards. She has produced her woman empowerment TV show, It Takes A Village, which aired on SABC 1 and continues to empower females through her book "Meeting Your Power".

Jiyane Atelier

In the process of building her own house and figuring out which furniture to use, Zinhle says that “Everything came together and just made so much sense, people started saying that I was talented and should go into decor.

The work that Home Fabrics does is incredible, it’s too exciting every time I come here. I am a baby in a candy store. But the most important thing is the support that I am getting from Home Fabrics.
— DJZinhle, collaboration nation, home fabrics trends.

As a result, Zinhle decided to partner up with Home Fabrics to develop a furniture line. One that will cater to every home but also have items that will stand out with the staple Jiyanne Atelier look and feel. The Jiyanne Atelier line will have nice mix of everything that a customer might be interested in.


Some of the coolest trends at the moment, according to Zinhle is a really good wallpaper, big couches and most importantly - accessories, because accessories can really bring decor to life! When it comes to inspiration, Zinhle looks to her daughter and her ability to live in the present moment, to fully embrace the present moment is something that everyone can learn from.

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