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The founder of Ommni Design shares his insights and inspirations


ommni design in collaboration with home fabrics

Ommni Design was established in 2015 by Nelson Kubheka, who holds extensive experience as an interior designer for over 10 years in a variety of projects across Africa. Ommni Design aims to uniquely create and redefine spaces that best reflect people’s narrative and their brand identity, thus focusing on the practical and functional aspects layered with aesthetics.

Why did you choose home fabrics as a collaborator?

I chose to collaborate with Home Fabrics because of their stunning wide variety of fabrics for residential and commercial applications. I’m also drawn to their progressive and innovative approach to materials that are not only limited to the aesthetic but also consider the everyday practical use of spaces.

Which of the Home Fabrics collections best reflects your design style and why?

I really enjoyed working with the collections Mingle Mangle and Deluxe from FibreGuard that were featured at our Design Joburg lounge set up. I chose these 2 collections because of their contrasting textures, this highlighted the base of our design ethos which was to juxtapose different materials and layers -creating a simple yet effective, comfortable space.

I find most my inspiration from travelling, fashion, people’s cultures, nature and recently I have been inspired by my clients themselves and their interesting life or experiences that drive them. I find this not only inspirational but also challenges and pushes the depths of my creativity.
— Nelson Kubheka, Founder of Ommni Design

What would you say are the major design trends in South Africa?

The use of patterns, bold colours and wallpapers is still prevalent, but I’m also noticing a trend on surface tactility and hand-crafted products. I find that people are now drawing closer to natural tones and materials - breaking away from our dominating world of technology. There’s also a great appetite for quality bespoke and timeless designs, creating longevity in spaces, more of quality and less quantity.

How important is it for design to be driven by context rather than a specific trend?

I believe designing with a context in mind is more important than following a trend. Context helps us to formulate a design that speaks directly to the environment, condition or people, whereas trends may not always be adoptable to all spaces. Trends may be effective in one area but fail in another area.

How important is your culture/heritage in your work?

I believe heritage and culture forms an integral part of my identity as an African. It is the essence of my very being, and it comes naturally through my design aesthetics. Some of its influences are evident through the use of details, lines or textures while still maintaining a contemporary edge.


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