A Botanical Journey with Osborne & Little


Going green with botanical designs

The Trend

As a growing part of the biophillia obsession, botanical designs have been emerging quickly as a popular trend - especially since Pantone named Greenery as its Colour of the Year in 2017. Pinterest says that botanical ideas have increased by 75 per cent, making it one of the fastest growing home trends over the past couple of years.

the inspiration

With refreshing and revitalizing shades, botanical designs present the opportunity to embrace the beauty of nature in contemporary and imaginative ways, from inside the comfort of your own home.

It is clear that “Going Green” extends further than taking conscious action towards sustainability and preservation, the use of green colours and botanical designs in a scheme can inspire this action on a daily basis.

In today’s age where we are mostly indoors, sometimes all we need is a daily reminder of the worlds natural beauty to do our part to preserve and nurture what remains of it.

the folium collection by osborne & little

In celebration of the unmatched beauty of nature, Osborne & Little released Folium as part of their Spring/Summer collections.

Folium – is the Latin word for leaf. The Folium wallpaper collection features leaves in many forms; a magnificent green foliage wall, metallic leaves printed to resemble, gold, copper or gilver foil, sycamore leaf skeletons, and a striped tiger leaf.

The horticulture theme continues with orchids, magnolia flowers and a garden of hummingbirds.

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