Understanding Bauhaus Style


bauhaus: Where Form meets Function

The Staatlicjes Bauhaus was a fine art studio that operated in Germany between 1919 and 1933. Revolutionary in their experimental designs, the school incorporated architecture, arts as well as furniture in its radical modernization of the arts. This distinctive form of early 1920’s German expressionism swept across Europe and America and still continues to exist in the design world today– recognised globally as the Bauhaus style.

The Bauhaus style re-imagines simple every-day objects into something more unique and inventive - with the aim to bring art back into contact with everyday life.

JAB, the renowned German-based textile editor, has recently released a very special collection called Paint Box. This quintessential Bauhaus style collection would make for the perfect avant-garde addition to any authentic interior scheme.

Another collection to look out for is the Zagora Collection by Zimmer & Rohde. The ethnic-inspired geometry of the intricate embroidery in this collection evokes the stylistic idiom of the Bauhaus era.

The great designers during the classical Bauhaus period loved to take inspiration from the indigenous beauty of ancient cultures.

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